Shelters implore owners to bring pets inside during freezing temperatures

With temperatures plumetting, pets are in danger from frostbite, snow and salt.

Detroit Animal Care And Control Director Charles Brown said this weather can be dadly for our furry friends.

"We recommend dogs only be outside to do their business. When they come back in, we really encourage folks to wipe off their paws, clean off their underbelly, make sure that they're not damp," he said.

Brown suggests dressing your dog like Eleanor. She's now up for adoption after already suffered some frostbite when she was a stray - so she wears a coat to protect her from the cold and snow shoes to protect those paws. Brown says everyone must bring their animals inside -- a doghouse with straw is not enough.

"We just can't stress to peope enough - have a heart. Bring your dog inside during this weather. iI's immoral to leave them out in this," Brown said.

Animal abuse and neglect is also a crime.

"It is absolutely illegal - a $500 plus fine and the confiscation of your dogs," Brown said.

Detroit Animal Care and Control and the Michigan Humane Society will be out trying to make sure pets are inside but if you see a situation where it looks to be a matter of life and death, they say do not hesitate to call 911.