Sheriff: 7-month-old Pontiac boy dies, had severe head injuries

The Oakland County Sheriff's office said it is investigating after a 7-month-old boy died at Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital on Saturday.

Officials say they were called to the hospital to meet with Children's Protective Services on Saturday after the 7-month old was transferred in from St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac. 

The child's 18-year-old father said he accidentally bumped the child's head on a railing in a Pontiac home. 

Seven-month-old Aiden Logan was hospitalized Wednesday night with severe head injuries. He lived a few days but died on Saturday. Now, his own father, 18-year-old Damon Porter could face charges. 

Damon's sister, Shaycole Pryor, says her brother would never hurt his son. But the sheriff says otherwise.

The Oakland County Sheriff's office said it wasn't an accident. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard says Porter was upstairs at a home on Leonard in Pontiac. 

He was watching Logan and his sister's child while Logan's 16-year-old mother was asleep on the couch downstairs. Porter told police he accidentally bumped the child's head on a railing.

"There's inconsistencies. First, it was the right side and then it was the left side and then they went downstairs first and then they didn't. Some of this isn't adding up," Bouchard said.

But those who know this recent high school graduate and new father say he would never hurt a child. He's currently jailed and being held on an unrelated charge of retail fraud.

 "He's a sweetheart," Samuella Hatchett said. "He's a good guy and I don't believe he would do something like that

But Bouchard says if the story turns out differently. this is an important reminder for all parents to step away and take a moment to calm down.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday and the boy's organs will be donated. After the autopsy, the Prosecutor's Office will determine if charges will be necessary.