Sheriff investigates suspicious death in Mount Clemens

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office is investigating a suspicious death in Mount Clemens.

Deputies in Macomb say it's still a mystery who killed a 50-year-old man, and left his body in a Jeep, parked in this residential area of Mount Clemens.

"I got the call this morning and I was just dumbfounded," says girlfriend Crystal Gardner.

Loved ones of the victim, who was found early Sunday morning, say he was stabbed to death.

Gardner, still trying to grasp the news, identifies him as Christopher Hamilton.

"I just hope that justice is served here because it's heartbreaking for a lot of people." 

She and another friend of the victim, Jillian Grabowski, say they have no idea who killed him.

"This was very unexpected," says Grabowski.

"He did just turn 50 in the past couple weeks. He was a good person."

Deputies say they discovered the body a little after four in the morning, after they received a call from someone reporting a suspicious looking vehicle parked on Avery near Fessenden.

Deputies spent most of the day taking evidence from the house that the vehicle was parked in front of.

"I don't even know what to feel," says Gardner.

Fox 2 is told Hamilton was a beloved father.

"My heart goes out to the family, his mom and dad."

Investigators are not going into detail yet on who all lives in the house and why they are searching it, only that they will update Fox 2 with what they find soon.

If anyone has information, they are asked to contact the Macomb Sheriff's Office at 586-307-9412.