Sheriff: Pontiac HS student caught with large amount of pot gummies provided by substitute

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is investigating a situation involving marijuana gummies at Pontiac High School.

A tipster who first shared it has concerns about transparency at the school district. Two sources connected to the district tell FOX 2 that the gummies were discovered there in March.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is investigating why this happened.  A source said the superintendent sent an email to Pontiac school board members saying the security team stopped — and detained — a student who tried to walk into the high school with a large amount of marijuana gummies.  

The teen allegedly intended to distribute the drugs. The email goes on to say after school district leaders met with the student and his parents, they learned a substitute teacher provided the gummies.

Sources tell FOX 2 the teacher was placed on leave and the student — an 11th grader was suspended. What we’re working to find out is the teacher’s motive for supplying the drugs.

"We’re still in the process of working through some investigative stuff we have to do to connect the dots on evidentiary levels," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. "But I can say this - anytime we have information that someone is bringing in drugs to sell or to distribute to kids in schools or in any community, at any level, we’re going to go after it."

Bouchard says his agency is seeing an increase of pot gummies in the possession of kids.

Unlike a time when people only smoked marijuana, the gummies — or other form of candy — present a different challenge because it looks like actual candy.

"It’s not obvious like it used to be, and the laws have changed to make a lot of this stuff legal," Bouchard said. "So, we’ve evolved with the changing of the laws. My crime lab has evolved."

FOX 2 reached out to both the Pontiac school district and school board president. Neither would comment because this remains under investigation.

While sources say school board members were told, one of the biggest questions is - were parents of students ever notified?

For context here — in past stories on drugs or alcohol discovered on school grounds at other school districts, those administrations have sent letters home informing parents of what happened and advising them to speak with their children about these potentially dangerous situations.

If we find out that has happened, we’ll let you know.