Shirley Bryant, the 63-year-old grandmother raped and beaten outside a vacant church, has passed away

Shirley Bryant's family says that after fighting for her life, the 63-year-old grandmother passed away on Dec. 6.

"These monsters just took my mom away from me… for no reason," said Diwann Bryant, Shirley Bryant's son. "I know you've got a mother. I know you've got sisters and brothers. And you hit my mama like that? It's terrible."

2 in custody after 63-year-old woman raped, left outside vacant Detroit church

Police say that Elvin Shepard and another man had a conversation with Shirley before she was physically and sexually assaulted. She was left for dead outside a vacant church when a stranger heard her crying for help. She was found naked.

"How in the world could you do a human being like this," said Diana Edgar, Shirley's sister. "I promised her before she closed her eyes for good that I would do everything in my power to see that justice was taken."

Police Chief James White said he is certain that this was not random. Investigators are still working the case.

Police told FOX 2 that the person of interest is expected to be charged. It is also very possible that Shepard's charges will be upgraded to murder.

Shirley Bryant's family has organized a GoFundMe to help as they say a final farewell to the woman they adored.