Shooting survivor shares story of appliance store gunman

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Two people shot in an appliance store on W. Warren in Detroit on Wednesday night.

Less than a day later, these folks say they are not afraid, despite one of the victims able to narrowly escape with his life. 

FOX 2: "The bullet came and grazed which side of your head?"
"Right here, I have five staples," said Elijah Darby.

Darby is still bandaged up while the emotional turmoil will likely take longer. Darby was grazed in the shooting, while a 50-year-old coworker was shot more than once in the stomach and chest.

"He was actually hit four or five times, he's okay," Darby said. "I talked to before I left the hospital."

Darby says a man came into the appliance store on Warren and Vaughan Wednesday afternoon, arguing with the manager about a purchase.

"He basically threatened him, (saying) don't be here when stuff happens tonight," Darby said.

Darby says after 5:15 p.m. that same man came back in disguise.
"A guy came in with a red hoodie, blue jean pants and he had a white bandanna across his face," Darby said. "He was pacing the store, but I wasn't paying attention I kept cleaning."

He says the shooter tells him and another worker to get on the ground.

"Then he started shooting and when he got done shooting, he went over into another office where another person was at and started shooting him," Darby said.

Darby fled and realized he was wounded.

"When I finally got out I felt a graze across my head, and I ran through the alleyway," Darby said. "He was shooting back there at me. I'm glad I only got hit one time.

FOX 2 had a chance to look at the surveillance video of the incident. We reached out to Detroit police who say they are not ready to release that video yet, concerned it might compromise their investigation before they had a chance to review it.