Shoplifter tells Ulta employee "You'll never catch me"

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She was caught on camera helping herself to some pricey perfume but it wasn't the heist that made headlines, it was her bold message to the clerk.

It was a warm Saturday August evening at Westland Mall, inside the Ulta Store. She walked in, picked out some perfume, then shoved into her bag before walking out. For the suspect, the crime just smelled too good, so she came back three days later.

This time, the employees are on to her.

"When she was confronted by an employee, the subject dropped the merchandise and then fled the store," Det. Sgt. Ron Buckley with Westland police said.

But as she was running out, she told the clerk "you'll never catch me".

Cops say the cocky criminal made off with $800 in fragrance. They hope the great surveillance video will help snag the thief who must smell so good.

Usually $1,000 is considered a felony but police say depending on her previous record and the exact amount of money she stole, she could face some serious jail time.