Shots fired outside TGI Friday's over refusal to sell alcohol

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A frightening incident for diners at Southfield's TGI Friday's after a man opened fire when the staff refused to serve him alcohol.

The shooting happened at about 12:30 a.m. at the restaurant on Evergreen in Southfield. Two windows were shot out during the incident, while police still looking for the suspect.

Employees say thing got crazy when the guy couldn't buy a drink.

Employee Lanee Little spent Thursday morning getting ready to open up the restaurant just 12 hours after the shooting.

Employees say the gunman lost his cool when told he had to show proper ID to buy a drink.

"He tried to get alcohol and then he ended up showing his CCW license and they said he needed the state ID," Little said. "And he just went crazy after that."

Police say the security guard at Friday's tried escorting out the gunman and his entourage, which included about eight people. And that was when threats were made.

"He did verbally say he'll shoot (expletive) up," Little said. "Nobody took offense; the security guard threw him out."

Soon after, several shots were fired at the restaurant and the security guard.

No one was hit by the bullets, but the security guard did suffer minor injuries to his ankle and finger while running back to the restaurant.

"For him to get mad over a drink and for him to come back and literally shoot up the place, that was just totally ridiculous," said Little. "Thank God no one got seriously hurt, but the person who did get hurt is going to be okay."

Customers say this is a nice restaurant in a good area, and they are shocked by what happened.

Customer Bill Charron said "I guess they need to have screenings when you get a site these restaurants these days you know."

Little says she's worked at this location for three years, and even brings her children here sometimes. She says someone that bold and reckless needs to be behind bars.

"Someone who could do that at a restaurant, he needs to be off the streets," says Little.

Police says that they're still going through surveillance footage, but they're not sure if the shooting was caught on camera.

A spokesperson for the restaurant chain sent a statement which says:

"We're continually focused on the safety of our guests and teams. We are looking into the actions that led up to this incident and are working closely with local law enforcement to help support their investigation."

If you know who the shooter is, call Southfield police at (248) 796-5580.