Should Brad Ausmus go? Fans weigh in

The Detroit Tigers have one of the highest payrolls in baseball.

They have an 86-year-old owner in Mike Ilitch, who badly wants to see his team win a championship.

Could we see a change in the dugout?

Fans have mixed opinions on whether manager Brad Ausmus should go.

"I don't know if losing his job is necessary, I think that might be a little bit premature. I think there should be definitely some intervention of some nature, but ... I still feel he's kind of fresh. I think he needs a little bit more time."

"I think he should. He's never performed in the two or three years since he's been manager for the Tigers."

"I'd say give him another chance. See if they can pick him up."

The Tigers are returning home tonight from Baltimore before tomorrow's matchup with the Twins.