'Significant' findings to be announced at Flint water investigation press conference

WEB UPDATE: FOX 2's Taryn Asher reports that there will be criminal charges announced at Wednesday's press conference according to her sources.

She will have more on this developing story at 10.

Attorney General Bill Schuette is set to make an announcement in the Flint Water investigation Wednesday.

A press release from Schuette's office said that the announcement will be "significant."

At 1 p.m. Schuette with the investigation team including Chief investigator Andy Arena will be disclosing the findings at the Riverfront Banquet Center

Schuette's team of investigators also includes Genesee County investigator David Leyton, Special Counsel Todd Flood and Deputy Chief Investigator Ellis Stafford.

Arena is the former head of the Detroit FBI office. 

"The facts will lead us to the truth," Arena said after being appointed. "We go into this with no preconceptions. To be honest, I have not looked at one document on this case (yet).

"Flint families and Michigan families will receive a full and independent report of our investigation."

At the start of the investigation, Schuette had promised a fair but tough examination of the facts.

"We will do our job thoroughly and let the chips fall where they may," Schuette said. "This investigation is about beginning the road back, to rebuild, regain and restore trust in government."