Single mom battling heart problems has home hit by burglar

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Andrea Beals with FOX 2's Randy Wimbley

A single mother in Algonac learned just weeks ago that she might not have much longer to live.

As if this news isn't difficult enough, on Monday someone broke into Andrea Beals' home and stole valuable belongings.

She has an idea of who may have burglarized her home and has shared that information with investigators. This could not have happened at a worse time and she says some of the things stolen have sentimental value.

"My washer, two TVs, my truck system, two quilts - you wanted my grandma's quilts?" she said. "Why would you take a quilt. If you want a blanket, I have 50 other blankets."

Andrea Beals is heartbroken, she learned Monday that someone broke into her home in Algonac over the weekend and cleaned house. And heaven knows her heart has had enough trouble already.

"You're going to take from me at my lowest moment, my lowest point," she said. "You're going to wait when I'm this sick and you're going to take from me."

The single mother of three says a cardiologist diagnosed with heart disease and congestive heart failure two weeks ago - her heart is three times the normal size.

"He said I have bad news your heart is done and you're now on the heart transplant list," Beals said. 

Andrea says can no longer work as a home health care provider because of her condition. She cannot afford her rent and recently moved in with her father in Macomb to be closer to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

That's where the procedure would take place - doctors will remove a bad heart  - made heavier from a break-in.

"I hope you enjoy it, I hope you enjoy the stuff that I worked my butt off for, that could've possibly put me in an early grave," Beals said. "I hope you enjoy that stuff more than what my kids would have."

The St. Clair County Sheriff's Office is investigating the burglary, while Beal says it could take more than a year to get a new heart.

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