Single mom receives help after falling on hard times

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A woman who has dedicated her life to saving children from abuse, including her son, is receiving help after she fell on hard times.

The single mom of an abused child in St Clair Shores has been the focus of many stories on Fox 2. She's fighting to change the laws while living in less than desirable conditions.

We put to you the viewer to help and you responded. Over two dozen people stepped up to do what they can for Erica Hammel.

Tom Caulfield of Edwards Plumbing Heating and Restoration services was the first to respond to our call to action, so we set up a meeting.

"The first thing we saw was this story. And being a father and grandfather I wanted to donate my time and effort to make sure they are back to living comfortably," said Tom Caulfield of Edwards Plumbing and Heating Restoration Services.

Erica’s home is currently in disrepair.

"The electrical was all original and wasn't up to code which is why the ceiling is ripped out. We’ve been living like this for four years. No reason," said Hammel.

Her focus has been on her son, Wyatt, the victim of child abuse. He was just an infant when he was shook by Rachel Edwards, causing irreparable brain damage. When Erica is not seeking treatment for Wyatt, she is fighting for a child abuse registry in the state.

So needless to say, money and time for repairs falls low on the priority list.

"I don't like asking for help. What I do for Wyatt's law it's for that purpose. I don't want to benefit in anyway," said Hammel.

Erica and Wyatt’s story touched one contractor who plans on getting to work immediately.

"We'll get some guys out here and we can get you where you need to be. We’re hoping in the next ten days get the holes filled living comfortably," said Caulfield.

Erica says Wyatt’s birthday is coming up and she’s looking forward to seeing her son blow out his candles in his own home.
"I don't even know what to say. This is a big deal for us. We want to help and appreciate the opportunity. Thank you," said Hammel.