Six metro Detroiters arrested in large brawl near Cedar Point

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Hundreds of people were involved in a melee near Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

Some of them are from metro Detroit - and were hauled off to jail for having a big part in it. No one was seriously hurt but some police officers were assaulted.

In all, Sandusky police pull up to a riot involving 200 people. Police body and dash cam video capture the brawl near the Cedar Point Commons - where many of the park employees live.

FOX 2: "What started it all?"

"Just a small fight between some girls," said Jakari Willis.

FOX 2: "About what?"

"I have no idea," said Willis, 19.

Willis, who is now back home in Oak Park appears clueless about what happened, but police say she was a main aggressor in the melee and arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and rioting.

According to the police report, the brawl became unruly after police arrested a 19 year-old from Cleveland Heights.

Several times during the video people can be seen pushing and shoving even pushing police. Officers were forced to Taser one individual and used pepper spray to control the violent crowd. One person even tried to grab a Cedar Point officer's gun.

"A large crowd like that you get a gun out there who knows what can happen get a hold of it causing more problems for the officers," said Sgt. Kevin Youskievicz, Sandusky police.

A total of 11 people were arrested - six individuals were from metro Detroit including Rashard Baker's twin brother, Russell, who recently left Detroit to work at the park.

"I heard there was a riot going on down there," Rashard Baker said. "He got maced, he got arrested and then he went to court. And then they are sending him home, I guess he got fired from Cedar Point."

Rita Doom's grandson 22-year-old Russell Donahue also arrested for taking part in the riot.

"Russell is trying to grow up and I don't like that at all," said Rita Doom, the boys' grandmother. "I don't like anything about riots, it is all uncalled for."

Sandusky police and Cedar point security guards eventually helped calm the unruly crowd. Relatives of the local suspects are still hearing bits and pieces about what happened.

Doom is looking forward to speaking to her grandson to teach him a lesson he deserves.

"It's a bought lesson," she said. "He buys all his lessons."