Slippery commute for Wednesday with 3 inches of snow coming

Brace yourselves: winter isn't going anywhere. Another round of snow pulled into Michigan overnight and we will probably see a very slippery drive to work on Wednesday.

The snowmaker is expected to hit southeast Michigan around 3 a.m., providing just enough snow to make the highways and roads slippery for rush hour traffic between 5 and 8. But the snow won't let up.

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We will likely see snow until noon - that's about 9 hours of steady snow. All of southeast Michigan is under a Winter Weather Advisory until that time, too. All told, most areas will see between two and three inches of fresh snow on top of the snow we've already received this week.

Keep an eye on live traffic all morning so you know what to expect before you leave for work

Now for even more bad news.

This isn't the last snowmaker of the week. We'll see another round of snow Friday, probably in the 2-3 inch range again. Then even more over the weekend.

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