Small dog snatched and killed by coyotes in Shelby Township

Gone in an instant - that's how a local woman describes the attack on her beloved pet dog.

The attack on that small dog was quick and deadly by a pair of coyotes - and it happened in a matter of seconds.

"All of a sudden I run back and two coyotes, one had her in her mouth and the other one was guarding the one," said Ann Klee.

It happened just moments after Ann took her Maltese Pomeranian mix Bella outside before bed. 

Her husband was in the garage and she had turned to go inside when she heard her husband scream.

"'He said Ann, Ann, they got her,'" Ann said. "And I was running after her and he told me not to, because there was two of them and that I would be in trouble if I grabbed their prey away from them."

Klee called 911 and police arrived soon after.

"They found her on the next street across the street four houses down by a tree," she said. "And he brought me the collar and then he brought me the dog."

Ann adopted Bella from the Humane Society  seven years ago and says she fell in love with her the moment she saw her.

"I just can't believe she's gone, I miss my baby girl a lot," she said.

Now those memories are all she has left, memories to hold onto and a warning for other pet owners.

"Make sure they keep an eye on their dog and watch out for coyotes," she said. "Because they just don't come by one.":

Experts say if you want to keep your coyote problems to a minimum, get rid of all the food you keep outside and not just for pets, but bird seed and even garbage.

Also coyotes don't like bright lights, loud sounds or the smell of perfume.