Snow update: Detroit still dealing with many messy residential streets

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This is a multi-jurisdictional effort which plainly means the county, state, and city work together to get the job done. 

So we want to give you a comprehensive look at how snow plowing works in the city of Detroit when we get hammered with snow like this.

"It's a mess, my son-in-law came over to get me dug out, he couldn't even park,” Detroit resident Florine McCoy said.

Crews have been working nonstop back to back 12 hour shifts since Friday morning.

“I think our contractors have been doing a good job, streets that have been plowed its consistent and that’s what we expect our contractors to do,” Detroit DPW Director Ron Brundidge said.

Looking at the City map, the state is responsible for all the freeways. The county, responsible for the major mile roads and the city is responsible for all of the residential streets. 

When we get 6 inches or more, contractors plow more than 18 hundred miles in 24 hours. 

From the city's perspective they say they don’t have the resources to give all 18-hundred miles of roads curb to curb service but they are out there working in every single neighborhood to provide the same level of service wherever you are. 

Detroit doesn't ticket or tow cars parked on the street that makes things more difficult but residents can use the improve Detroit app to let people know if there's a problem. 

Contractors do not get paid until the city is satisfied they have completed their work sufficiently. 
Through the Improve Detroit App an inspector will come out, if the road isn't adequately done a plow will come out.