Snyder touts new economic blueprint for Michigan

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The Mackinac Policy Conference kicked into high gear Tuesday night.

Lawmakers discussed a three-point plan for Michigan's economic future. A blue ribbon panel came up with a blueprint for building the 21st century economy in Michigan.

"That's the value of this report," Gov. Rick Snyder said. "We now have a roadmap for future generations."

"We get too complacent and content and wanted to keep a good thing going, and we didn't recognize the world was changing."

Three areas of change for success: first, workers want a good quality of life. 

FOX 2: "Are we going to see more bike paths and activities (like) yoga?"

"We absolutely hope so," said Kathi Dobies, Ford Motor Co., commission member. "Because it not only creates an attraction for the people that live there, but it creates healthier people, lowering health costs, that sort of thing."

Attracting and keeping healthy talent- education is crucial.

"Bachelors degrees provide the individual with that much more income and a lifeline, than someone with just a high school diploma," said Kathy Wilbur, Central Michigan university, commissioner

And finally, businesses have to "take risks" if they want to succeed. 

"Twenty years ago we saw threats from foreign cars companies or fuel efficiency standards," said Sandy Naruah, Detroit Regional Chamber Commission chair. "Our domestic industry tried to ignore the challenge thinking it will go back to normal. You are not seeing that anymore."

"Let's talk more about managing risk in Michigan," Snyder said. "Not avoiding risk in our state."