Snyder unveils 75-goal plan for Flint

Just a week after Gov. Rick Snyder faced questioning on Capitol Hill, he revealed a plan Monday that he hopes will help the Flint community.

"We had major issues -- tragic issues in Flint -- that I apologized for and I'm going to fix," he said.

Snyder unveiled a $232 million dollar plan that outlined 75 goals for Flint to The Economic Club of Grand Rapids.

"I want to solve the problem in Flint, so that's my focal point. One thing I learned today is I'm glad to get 75 points out there we're going to work on putting in place." Snyder said.

The governor’s goals include establishing three additional child and adolescent health centers under the Department of Health and Human Services.

In terms of infrastructure, Snyder wants to prioritize lead line removal and comply with much higher standards than those required by existing laws. He said he is seeking advice from Virginia Tech's Marc Edwards, who helped blow the whistle on the Flint situation.

"It clearly involves more sampling -- better sampling, better standards, but also going to the point about coming up with a longer-term path to remove lead service lines," Snyder said.

Under education, Snyder wants to hire nine additional nurses for Flint community schools. In terms of jobs and economic development, he proposed launching 25 new businesses under the innovation hub by 2017 and getting three new affordable housing development projects underway.

"I proposed $232 million dollars -- $67 (million) of which we've already gotten in supplementals," Snyder said.

It's unclear how much it would cost to implement this plan or if federal funds would be available.

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