Softball-sized brick thrown through car window, hits 2-year-old in head

A two-year-old girl was critically injured Wednesday night when she was hit in the head by a brick that police say was thrown by a man in Detroit.

Robyn Rivers was riding in the backseat of the car Wednesday night. Her mom, Barbara Williams, was in the car as well with her grandmother, Angela Rivers, driving.

Williams said they traveling down the I-75 Service Drive near E Warren Avenue when a man ran in front of her car.

"My mom swerved because she said she saw a man pick up an object from the street," Williams said.


Rivers didn't know what was going on but another man was standing close by. Suddenly, they heard a loud crash.

"My mom said 'oh my God, Robyn' and my daughter was just bleeding from her head."

Rivers would only leave her baby's side for a moment. She says she can't get the image of her daughter bleeding in the backseat, out of her head.

"Every time I doze off, that image of my daughter just pops back in my head."

Detroit police say a softball sized brick was thrown through the window of the car, hitting the 2-year-old in the head. 

Rivers quickly drove to the hospital which was only a few minutes away. Williams said that saved her daughter's life.

"If we wasn't right here my daughter would be gone."

Williams says her daughter has undergone surgery and is starting to talk again. She's still in critical condition and Williams said it's her smile that keeps her going.

Detroit police are searching  for those two men and say they some people are making it harder to investigate the crime.

"It is our job to keep our children safe. And some individuals in our community are making this a difficult task. We will not tolerate it," Detroit Police Deputy Chief Renee Hall said.

The attack happened not far from the Lincoln Hall of Juvenile Justice. Sources say one of the suspects is described as a skinny, black man in his late teens or early 20s. He was wearing a red hoodie and white pants.

Williams is hoping someone will do what's right and come forward for her little girl.

"My daughter is innocent. She was innocent. Now I don't know what will happen with this."