Some customers left in the cold as Consumers Energy makes service upgrades

Consumers Energy gave Tyrone and Nicole Overstreet a reason to snuggle on the couch beneath comforters Wednesday.

"I only have one space heater and it is the only heat I got," Tyrone said.

Consumers is replacing more than 1,200 old gas service lines in Warren with safer, more reliable ones. As a result, crews shut off gas service while doing the work and get them back up the same day. 

That, however, did not happen for the Overstreets.

"When I was here he was sitting in the truck. He never said anything to me so I never knew," Tyrone said. "I left to go to a job interview, came back, and my gas was off. 

"We suffered all last night, I called the little green sticker, they said they won't be back out until Friday."

It left them with no heat and no hot water as metro Detroit gets its first real taste of the cold this season.

"It's not right at all, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy this time of year," he said.

So FOX 2 called Consumers to find out what was going on. They said they would expedite the work order to get the gas back on, we just didn't think it would be this quick.

"I just got the call," said Tyrone. "They said they're outside and about to turn the gas on from the outside, and to know if they wanted to come in and light the pilot light. I said yes, thank you, I appreciate you."