Some Detroit medical workers worry for jobs after DMC furlough decision

For the past 17 years Rodrick Scott has worked as a lab assistant at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

"You can feel the stress where people don't know what to do," he said.

Now comes the news that the Detroit Medical Center is furloughing approximately 480 employees has Scott wondering if he's going to lose his job.

"Well we don't know just yet, they will just post it and let people know, when they come to you and hand you your pink slip," Scott said.

A DMC representative says the furloughs do not impact direct COVID-19 care.

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However, hospitals across metro Detroit have had to cancel elective surgeries due to the statewide emergency order. At DMC some hospital units have closed for the time being.

"Seeing we already in a crisis, then you get another crisis on top of it," Scott said. "That's like adding misery to misery, sorrow to sorrow))

the furloughed employees will be able to keep their medical benefits and the plan is to bring them back to work once the statewide stay home order is lifted and more elective surgeries are scheduled.

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"The only thing I can say for all those who are out there affected by this, we'll get through this, keep your head up," Scott said. "This too, shall pass."