Some 'Slow Roll' participants hit with parking tickets

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They showed up to the weekly "Slow Roll" bicycle ride in Detroit but the city of Hamtramck says their cars were illegally parked.

The Slow Roll is an event that brings thousands of bike riders to Detroit ever Monday in the summer months.  The problem is, where do all these bicyclists park before they can bike?

"It was very frustrating," said Bob Bergen.

Frustrating because according to Bergen, they were told to park here on the corner of Conant and Vincent.

"We were instructed to part there by the event organizers and we came back about an hour and half later after the ride and there were dozens of tickets on cars up and down Conant and the side lots," he said.

But this is Hamtramck, not Detroit, and Bob found the ticket on his windshield.

"It felt like we got gipped a little bit," he said. "It was surprising and the tickets were written so shortly after we had left."

The Slow Roll started at 7:30 p.m. and the ticket was written at 7:59.

Some neighbors say they don't know who owns the property. Bob believes it's private property.  There are no signs saying if this is public or private property. 

There is nothing in Hamtramck that says you can't park in a private lot but it does say you can't park anywhere there is an official no parking sign.

Calls were put to the Hamtramck police and the city attorney but FOX 2 has received no response. Officials in the court did say anyone can challenge this $20 parking ticket in court. 

"It's frustrating to know we are coming down to support the city and many come down for lunch and dinner prior to the ride and support the businesses," Bergen said. "And then this happens."

And Bob says he is going to challenge the ticket.