Son learns mom died in house fire on his 18th birthday

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An Armada mother was unable to escape when flames ripped apart her home because of a debilitating disease. Her own son found out about the loss of his mother 45 minutes after talking to her on his 18th birthday.

Austin Jenkins received a text from his mother on Sunday telling him how much she loved him and to have a good day. Just 45 minutes later, he found out he would never see her again. Jenkins did the one thing he felt he could do: he tried to prove it didn't actually happen.

"Honestly, I called her and I was like this ain't true and then her phone went straight to voicemail and I was like oh my god," he said.

Crystal Galloway, 37, had been living in the Armada Township home for six months with her 44-year-old brother. He made it out alive and is in stable condition. She, however, did not. Jenkins said she had multiple sclerosis and had a hard time walking. Fire crews say the flames spread quickly through the old farm house.

"It's just crazy that it happened so quick. Like I really didn't get much time with her," Jenkins said.

In a long text to her son on his birthday Galloway wrote "I just want to let you know, you're my greatest thing I did in my life."

Jenkins remembers his mom as simply, a good mom. He said she was a good cook, loved animals, and loved Tigers baseball.

"She was funny; helped me with whatever I needed help with. She was around a lot - supportive," Jenkins said.

Now, he's going up north to spend time with family and friends. Jenkins says memories and photos will be all he has and they wills tay in his heart forever.

You can support Austin and his family on the GoFundMe link here.