Son of DEC

A source very familiar with the back room back and forth over the DPS rescue package is telling MIRS they are working on language that would change the name of the Detroit Education Commission but still retain a "body that's going to perform similar functions. We are still defining what that might be."

Those functions would include the power to open and close charter and Detroit public schools and it "maybe would be a different name and a different body. These talks are still very fluid."

Having said that the source is upbeat about the progress of the discussions as the focus continues to be on house members who are being briefed on an individual basis "on the numbers" with the aim of getting them comfortable with what those numbers mean.

This source observes, "Does it have to be as defined by the senate package or is there another methodology that we could pursue to assure local control and interest...with state involvement?"

There is the suggestion that the SRO, the School Reform Office, might be able to perform some of the DEC functions regarding the "closure and the consolidation. That might be a methodology in those conversations that we can get to," this source reflects.

The numbers in this debate appear to be falling into place including a projected $135 to $140 million to get DPS through the start of school in the fall and take it into October when the first state school aid payment is scheduled to be made. "Two months ago, I would have told you the numbers would have been the most trouble. (Rather) it's the governance" that poses the most challenges.