Son of Detroit Police Officer killed in shooting on Detroit's east side

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A tragic scene on Detroit's east side one man injured, a man fatally shot, and those who know the man who was killed say his father is a current member of the Detroit Police Department 

Tensions running high Saturday evening in the 3000 block of Sheridan in Detroit.

A man wounded by gunfire and transported to a local hospital and another man at that same scene fatally shot. Those who know him are heartbroken and demanding answers.

This woman does not want to be identified but says when she heard the commotion all should could think about was the safety of the kids who were out playing in the neighborhood.

“I was very scared there were over 15 kids randomly running across the street, playing,” she said.

The scene on Sheridan noticeably different. Members of Detroit's Police force arriving in numbers.

Those who know the man who was killed say his dad is a sergeant with DPD and his uncles are retired officers from the force.

Police say this investigation is ongoing and they are looking at a number of different factors. 

“It appears there was a dice game not sure what happened but it resulted in one being fatally shot and one transported to a local hospital,” Captain Michael McGinnis said.

“There is some gang activity in this area so we’re still vetting that out, trying to bring in some allocating resources to help determine if there was gang access to this,” he said.

This shooting incident comes one week after a violent Memorial Day weekend in the city.

“It's disturbing that we have this kind of violence, last weekend was an anomaly I think it was very daunting for the police officers involved daunting for the citizens so I hope things so down,” McGinnis said.

Police say they really need information right now. They need details so they can put out a suspect description.

If you know anything about this incident contact police immediately.