Source: 3-year-old killed on Southfield Freeway after traffic incident

A source is revealing more details about what led up to the fatal drive-by shooting of a 3-year-old boy on the Southfield Freeway last week. 

A suspect, who has not yet been named or officially charged, turned himself in to police Wednesday. Michigan State Police said then that the suspect is a 24-year-old man from Detroit, and that the shooting may have stemmed from a "traffic incident."

On Thursday, a source elaborated to FOX 2 on the traffic situation. 

We're told the suspect was at the light before the on-ramp on the Southfield Freeway. In front of the suspect's car was the victim's car, driven by the Godmother of Christian "CJ" Miller, who was taking the boy to Sesame Street Live on Jan. 24. 

We're told the light changed and the suspect didn't move. The woman honked her horn and he still didn't move, but then he began moving very slowly on purpose. The Godmother accelerated and eventually passed him and got around his vehicle before getting on the freeway. 

According to our source, the suspect got angry at the woman for passing his vehicle and then sped up to follow her. We're told he eventually pulled up next to her on the driver's side and pulled a gun that he shot into her car.

CJ was hit between the shoulder blades with the bullet. He died the next day at the hosptial.

FOX 2's source said the suspect said he didn't know a kid was in the car and initially tried to claim he spotted an object in the woman's hand. 

The source tells us the suspect is a "career criminal" and that police are investigating a possible connection to other homicides as well.