Sources: Body found inside trunk on Detroit's west side had been 2 weeks

A body was found in the trunk of a car Friday - wrapped in a blanket and carpet duct-taped.

The car it was found inside was parked in a driveway with several inches of snow on it, looking untouched since before last weekend's snow storm. Sources are telling FOX 2 that the body may have been inside as long as two weeks.

Detroit police are calling the victim a John Doe between 55 and 60 years old. His cause of death still under investigation. 

"We never had anything like that on this street before," said Jeanette Ingram. 
So many questions from neighbors like Jeanette Ingram - after a body was found wrapped up in a trunk Friday morning in a west side Detroit neighborhood. 
"My daughter was leaving going to work and she says mom the police are outside," said Ingram. "I saw the street was blocked off and the helicopters were flying." 
One resident snapped this photo out his window - as police took photos of the body wrapped in a wool blanket and duct taped.
It's unclear how police found out the man's body was there inside of a black 2006 Dodge Stratus parked in a driveway off Murray Hill near Hessel Street.
"It's just getting bad when we moved over here we had a very nice neighborhood it was real quiet over here," said Ingram.
She says now she is worried about her own safety. 
"I just think it's terrible," she said. "I hope they find out who did it."