Sources say Detroit firefighter returned to work with blood on him after shooting of man

A Detroit firefighter who is in police custody is expected to face charges in connection to the shooting on the city's west side on Thursday.

Three people were taken into custody for questioning in connection with the shooting on Barton near Livernois and Tireman. 

Sources say the firefighter had been at work late Thursday morning but then left. Sources said he apparently took his gun to give to a woman who lives in the home "for protection" but ended up shooting a man she knows inside. 

The man was shot in the back of his head near his neck. 

Police say several people were in the home at the time including children and they say those involved knew each other. Detroit Police Major Crimes Commander Eric Decker said their stories did not line up. 

"There are a lot of conflicting reports in this. All the parties that are involved in this are being detained and being questioned," he said.

But police said they know who fired that gunshot.

Sources said after the shooting around noon, the Detroit firefighter went back to work with blood still on him. Detroit police arrested at the fire station and took possession of his gun.

Police also arresting and questioning two others in the home on unrelated warrants, they were later released. Police assure FOX 2 this case is not being handled any differently because it involves a city employee.
"It's handled like any other shooting, any other homicide. Our job is to investigate the crime, to follow the evidence and find out to the best of our ability what happened," Decker said. 

Sources say Detroit Police have now submitted a warrant to the Wayne County Prosecutor's office and it’s under review. That firefighter is expected to be arraigned as early as Saturday.