Southfield could vote to allow or reject nation's first sex doll brothel

The headline isn't wrong. The city of Southfield hasn't said yes or no to the opportunity to be the birthplace of America's first ever sex doll brothel - at least until legal findings are done.

With the slogan The Center of it All, Southfield could be the center of sex doll brothels in the United States.

Southfield city attorney Elizabeth Rea says the city was approached in 2018 by two competing Canadian companies about if the city would allow the sex doll brothel. It may seem odd that this is even possible - but they're huge in Asia and Europe.

So what is a sex doll brothel? It's a place for men to rent a room with a high-end 'adult love doll' and have sex with them. So - it's exactly what you think.

They're not blow-up varieties from some bachelor party movie - they're made of synthetic skin on articulated skeletons and they're made up with real hair, glasses, artificial intelligence, and more.

As of now, the city has not approved or rejected the notion. When the city was first approached, it established a 180-day moratorium to study the implications. When that was set to expire, they added another 180 days.

Rea would not go on camera but said legal findings and a recommendation would be made to the city council sometime in the summer of 2019. Then it would be up to the council to vote up or down for a sex doll brothel. 

There are no laws against it as prostitution and criminal sexual conduct are defined as being sexual conduct between two living people.

As of now, there are not any proposed locations for either sex doll brothel.

There is a sex doll brothel in Toronto, where visitors pay $90 for a half hour and $120 for a full hour. Visitors choose how the doll can be posed, eye color, and more. The dolls are thoroughly scrubbed between each visitor and then replaced for the next paying customer, according to this article from the Rolling Stone.