Southfield police cruiser crashes in stolen vehicle pursuit, but arrests made, guns found

A Southfield police cruiser ended up crashing at the end of a chase at a condominium complex at Southfield Road and Webster Monday night.

Police say the vehicle they were pursuing was stolen - and now two suspects are in custody. At least one suspect and several officers suffered minor injuries in the crash.

A man who was just taking out the trash said that a gray Dodge pickup truck rammed a black truck into a metal fence.

"I think it is just a hit and run, like the guy in the black truck doesn't have insurance and is trying to leave," the witness said. "The guy in the gray truck got out and has his gun and Tazer on his belt and then I am like, oh this isn't a hit and run, this is something bigger.

"Five or six cop cars show up and start pulling guys from the car."

Southfield police say they also confiscated two guns from the suspects, one of them an assault rifle.