Southfield schools alert parents of online self-harm games making the rounds

Southfield Public Schools sent out an email to warn its 5,600 families after the district was contacted by concerned parents who heard a national story about self-harm and online suicide games.

"We attempted to be proactive by sending a communique to our families," said Dr. Jennifer Martin-Green, Southfield superintendent. "Via social media platforms and other outlets not specific to Southfield Public Schools but that concerned children." 

The district makes it clear there have been no instances of it with their students.

"We have not received any reports of any attempted suicide or self-harm in our district," Green said.

But school officials believe knowledge is power so the email not only informs parents about the activity but offers information for families to get support if needed.

"Here are some resources available to you in order to be proactive," she said. "Here are three different resources for families to mirror child’s cell phone  We did have three different links that we recommend but we are not endorsing anyone."

As students continue their virtual online learning many students have more access to cell phones and computers which means parents need to monitor their child’s online activities - even more, so. 

FOX 2 caught up with this grandfather picking up learning materials for his grandson, he says the district made the right move. 

"No doubt, this is the way to be," he said. "Proactivity is the way to go. Let’s stop it before it hits."

If you need information on suicide prevention you can always find support at the..National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 which is available 24 hours every day.