Special Valentine's Day dinner plans in Detroit

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Forget the fancy white table cloths. For some Valentine's Day represents another kind of royalty when you enter the white castle..

"Couple double jalapeno cheese burgers. The hotter the better. Spice it up for Valentine's Day.", said Lisa Pluto. She celebrated the day with sliders.

She says she has taken her mother to the restaurant for the last 7 years, but just like any good restaurant you have to make reservations months ahead of time.

"Just a fun thing and I laugh when people can't get in. They knock on the window and can't get in.", said Donna Pluto.

"You think that's funny?"

"Yeah.", said Pluto

Jacob Franklin Brown also chose White Castle for dinner.

"So do you have a valentine?"

"Nope, no girlfriend. Nope."

Jacob may not like girls yet, but he loves himself some white castle sandwiches.

So does his mom who invited her boyfriend Darius to his first romantic slider.

"I have been eating White Castle's my whole life, but this is my first time on Valentine's Day.", said Darius Horton,  First Celebration at White Castle.

"I love it on the menu. Love at first bite. The other option turn up the heat put a ring out express your love. I think we order turn up the heat -- yes - watch out - turn it up!", said Valdez Tilton who took her boyfriend.

From white castles to coneys. American Coney Island in Detroit also transformed into a haven for sweethearts.

The Williams from Livonia took part.

"Surprise the wife. No idea what I was going to to do.", said Dan Williams.

"We by passed all the exits to the usual places like where are we going? It was a fun surprise!", said Ginna Williams.

"She got the loose burger. One of her favorites so i know that this would win.", said Dan.

Sometimes that unique outing becomes a cherished tradition.

It's why the Hurley family keeps going back.

"The first year they did it I think she loved white castle so we thought it would be a great way to celebrate with my Grandma. We do it every year. I think it is the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day.", said Michelle Hurley.