Pickup truck narrowly misses kids getting off school bus in northern MN

A northern Minnesota sheriff's department is searching for a reckless driver who narrowly missed two children getting off their bus earlier this month.

The Pine County Sheriff's Office says the near-miss happened just before the Christmas break, on Dec. 21 around 3:22 p.m., along County Road 41 near Willow River.

The video shows the children walking into their driveway just before the truck comes speeding past behind them. The Ford Ranger is seen coming around a curve, going off the roadway to pass a white van that has stopped for the bus, and missing one of the children by just feet.

Deputies are asking for the public's help tracking down the driver of the truck. The sheriff's office says the red Ranger has a license plate of 116-KPL.

Anyone with information is asked to call 320-629-8380 using case number 23003956.