Spoiled milk and drain flies: Novi restaurants hit with violations

A number of Novi restaurants are fighting to get back in the good graces of the Oakland County Health Department after being hit with a number of violations during an inspection earlier this month.

The Oakland County Health Department hit several restaurants in Novi on 11 Mile and 12 Mile with violations, including Black Rock Restaurant. Jeff Cox, director of operations for Black Rock Corporate, said one violation at his restaurant was a simple misunderstanding. But other problems – like missing floor tiles and grout – are also being addressed.

"He does have a food handler certificate. He is state-certified. It just was not printed out and on-site," Cox said. "Before we even had the health inspection I was on site I had a few contractors come out to start looking at the floor to see how we could potentially do a remodel."

Cox said there was an issue with a gallon of milk in a cooler that should have been tossed and they're fixing that as well.

"We have since sent communication to ensure our teams are looking at shelf life," he said. 

But Black Rock's neighbors, Bar Louie, were also hit with violations. As was Bone Fish Grill on 11 Mile, Guido’s Pizza Novi, and KPot on 12 Mile. 

At KPot, a manager told us the issues were resolved and they had an exterminator come out to assess a drain fly situation and they've also resolved the hand-washing sink problems.

Fox 2 reached out to the Oakland County Health Division to request an interview or comment about the inspections but we did not receive a call back.

Cox said patrons should feel confident about dining in their establishments

"We don’t shy away from any results," he said. "I’m 100% confident in the job that we’re going to do we are currently working on a potential deal to reacquire this one underneath the corporate umbrella put some money in looking to do a remodel, and really attacking the things that are important within the restaurant industry, which is hospitality, clean, and organize, for people to come in and have a truly enjoyable experience."