Sprinkler line inside Detroit apartment bursts from frigid cold

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Some residents of the Williams Pavilion in Detroit woke up Tuesday to find water in the lobby area of their building.

"I think the alarm went off at about 6 or 7 this morning and it's been going on since then," said resident John Harris.

Many of the residents asking questions, surprised that the elevator was not working - as the leak left puddles in the lobby. 

One resident says his apartment was also affected.

"It's a few wet spots dripping from the shaft where it broke," said Harris. "The water running on the floor, back in the storage (area) and through front door."

FOX 2 contacted Village Green the company that manages Williams Pavilion and were told: 

"Due to the cold weather, a sprinkler line in the trash room unexpectedly burst this morning impacting stairwells on floors one through three. Contractors were called immediately and as of this afternoon the pipe was repaired."

The Fox 2 Problem Solvers also contacted city officials who monitor building safety.

"As soon as anyone has an issue like this they should reach out to us at (313) 224-2733 and we'll come out and look into it immediately," said David Bell, city of Detroit.

As workers do their job to clean up a fix the pipe, residents say they doing their best to stay safe in their homes 

"I feel reasonably safe," Harris said. "The guy came by and checked area out."