St. Clair Shores Good Samaritans rescue driver trapped in burning car

They say they're no heroes - but the evidence shows otherwise. 

The massive car fire and dramatic rescue was caught on camera in St. Clair Shores last week. It was at Eight Mile and Harper in St. Clair Shores last Tuesday. 

Around noon, the driver's car hit a boat trailer on I-94. After hitting the trailer, he tried to drive away, but the accident caused some serious damage to the car.

Nobody on the scene knew what happened to cause the fire, nor did they appear to care.

"He didn't have a sign on him that said 'I got a problem' or anything like that," said one of his heroes, St. Clair Shores Police Officer Jack LaTour.

He was in bad shape and one of the EMS workers said for about a minute, he didn't have a pulse. 

Willie Howard was one of the Good Samaritans who was there when it happened. He said he knew that things were dire for the man.

"His face was gray, his arms and his face were turning gray," Howard said. 

But the man was trapped inside the burning vehicle. Renee Tringali, the EMS worker on the scene said as the car was burning, fire trucks weren't there yet. 

"The car was on fire and the fire trucks to get there to do anything," she said.

"They tried to open the door but it was locked. I told everyone to stand back and I busted the window - it took about three hits - but I busted the window," Howard said.

They got him out and he, the officer, and the firefighter, pulled the man across the street. 

Away from the fire, Tringali got to work. She started CPR and kept the man alive. LaTour said he's exceptionally lucky to be alive.

"I think he's a lucky guy to have four people that have never known him, just stepped out of their every day life," LaTour said. 

Four people who don't know each other, today may be heroes. But to them, they were just doing their jobs and in the right place at the right time.