St. Clair Shores residents say their water is dirty

A grungy, gritty mess coming out of the taps in St. Clair Shores.

Homeowners aren't happy, they want to know why there's dirt flowing through their faucets and what the city plans to do about it.

"'Hey, why is your water brown' I don't have the answer - the city should," said resident David Drumb.

Drumb and some of his neighbors on Beste Street in St. Clair Shores say clean water is not coming out of their faucets, and that they haven't gotten many answers.

These residents believe it's a combination of dirt, sand, and whatever else in the water. One man's tub of water had dirt in the bottom of it.

"Dirt, sand, coming up from the pipe. First thing in the morning when the kids take a bath," said Drumb. "It stains the tub. You clean it all up, it goes away. Then first thing in the morning, this is what I get for the last week, week and a half."

Dan Webreinski also has discoloration in the water pouring into his bath tub.

"How do you take a shower and not get dirt in your hair," he said. "Are you really getting clean when you're taking a shower?"

The DPW director said this situation became the perfect storm due to a recent fire and water main break. Also there are three water main projects underway including one in this neighborhood, and crews have been flushing out the hydrants.

FOX 2: "Residents who pay for this service want to know how long will this last?"

"Well, anytime we are flushing a water main like that, it's common to expect discolored water," said Brian Babcock, the DPW director. "Today should be the last day we have to flush this particular main."

But Brian Babcock says the problem could possibly continue for a few more weeks. His advice is to run cold water for a few minutes each time before using.

Babcock says he will also go to the neighborhood to collect more tests. However, residents want the problem solved now.

"How can I live like this? I can't," Drumb said.

DPW couldn't give a timeline on how long this problem could last for residents, but if it continues call (586)-445-5363.