St. Clair Shores senior in desperate need of new roof

The FOX 2 Problem Solvers are looking to help a senior citizen in St. Clair Shores get a much-needed new roof. 

Karin Maltese loves spending time with her grandkids but the need for her major home repair keeps her up at night. And on rainy days, she's too afraid to let her grandkids come over because she's concerned her roof is going to cave in. 

But that's not her only concern. Karin has a fixed income and is finding it challenging to get any company to finance her repairs.

"I filed for bankruptcy years ago so I really can't get any credit with any roofers or anything to be able to make monthly payments," she told us. 

Karin sought help through a neighborhood community group and she got some, but it's not a long-term solution.

"Just put tar over where it was leaking from, but now he tells me the tar is deteriorating," she said.

Just recently Karin noticed a new problem when she heard sounds of a leak coming from a light.

"It really makes me nervous being electrical," she said. "I am so nervous when I listen to the weather and they say there's going to be rain because I don't know where it's going to be leaking next."

Karin says rainy days make her afraid for her grandchildren to come for a visit.

"Grandchildren, I don't even want them over here because they say it won't last through the winter and it might cave-in."

Now she's hoping a company will hear her plea and help her out.

"If someone would trust me that I'd be able to make monthly payments," she said.  

If you have a way to help Karin, please email her at She says it would give her the peace of mind she needs.