St. Patrick's Day pub in Detroit bans Irish people to make point

A Detroit pop-up pub bouncer is making quite a buzz after turning away Irish customers on St. Patrick's Day to call attention to the way immigrants are treated in America today.

Watch the full video below:

It's satire, says Dan Margulis. The veteran in the advertising industry is calling this a social experiment.

"People did not like being told that they were less than and we got the reaction I think we wanted," he said.

So they rented the space for the day, pretended to put a bar inside and voila. The video has now been posted on and asks viewers to reflect on how poorly Irish immigrants were treated when they first came to America and asks viewers to consider our national dialogue on immigration today.

"St. Patrick's Day - everyone claims a heritage that was discriminated against in America 100 years ago so it seemed like the right time to get people to kind of think about where they came from whether they were Irish or not," he said.

The video says today we celebrate the Irish - isn't it time we celebrate all immigrants?

The response to this has been good, bad and otherwise but Dan says at least it has people talking.

"We have started a major conversation," he said.