State board denies appointment of Hamtramck interim city manager

WEB UPDATE: Josh Gabor has been named acting city manager. 

City officials did not appoint Kyle Tertzag.  The city is working to meet the deadline of June 30 to find a city manager.

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Concerned residents made their voices heard in a packed Hamtramck City Hall.

They're speaking out to the city's Receivership Transition Advisory Board members about newly appointed acting city manager, Kyle Tertzag.

A resident says, "I have not seen any type of resume papers given by our council to even show that he is qualified for a position."

Two weeks ago, city council voted 4 to 2 for Mr. Tertzag to be the interim city manager.

But after listening to public comments, these board members voted unanimously to turn down that appointment.

Rejected city manager Kyle Tertzag says his fate was decided before the meeting even began.

"This was a done deal before they walked into the front door," says Tertzag.  "They determined I don't meet criteria.  I do. I have 36 months of experience as a city manager which is required under the charter."

Hamtramck's mayor pro tem, Anam Miah, supports Tertzag and says he was disappointed in the board's vote.

"We were hoping for his contract to be approved," says Miah.  "We were only asking for him to come in on an interim basis and help us out until we find a permanent city manager."

Kyle Tertzag is no stranger to local politics.  He has served in Woodhaven and on Allen Park's city council  where some allege his support of a movie studio in Allen Park hurt the city's finances.

But Tertzag says the board's rejection has nothing to do with finances or qualifications.  Instead he calls it backlash.

"I complained about bigotry under emergency manager law and it cost me my job," says Tertzag.

As the city works to decide who will be the next city manager, Tertzag says he is also deciding if his next move will include legal action against the city

"I intend to do something, I'm not quite sure what that would be yet."