State police trooper injured after 3 vehicles hit is SUV on I-75

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Michigan State Trooper is recovering after multiple drivers crashed into his vehicle when he was stopped along I-75.

The accident in Troy Sunday night attending to an abandoned vehicle. It was snowing and the roads were slippery f

"As he got his bearing back to him, he was going to get out and check on those people when he was struck by another SUV that side swiped alongside of him," Lt. Mike Shaw, MSP. "And then finally a third SUV sideswiped him as well."

All together three different cars hit the passenger side of the MSP vehicle while the trooper was in the driver's seat. It all happened in a matter of minutes.

Amazingly the trooper only received bumps and bruises which Shaw said was helped by him being in a larger SUV, rather than a cruiser.

"At times we were 40 or 50 spin outs behind last night," Shaw said.

Shaw says all of the drivers who hit the trooper's SUV broke the law.

"We talk about this over and over - you've got to move over when you see these emergency vehicles," he said.

And if you can't safely move over, you have to slow down. Shaw said more bad weather is expected to hit Monday night and to slow down and allow yourself extra time.