State Representative Karen Whitsett calls out Democratic Party following COVID-19 recovery 

“There’s so much more to this story, and it’s shameful on the Democratic Party,” said Democratic State Representative Karen Whitsett. 

This was Whitsett’s way of calling out her own party. 

“Let’s be serious and use some common sense here,” Whitsett said. 

FOX 2 recently spoke with the State Rep. She called out Governor Gretchen Whitmer, claiming she hasn’t done enough. Whitsett said she had a conversation with President Donald Trump about it. 

“The resources we’re supposed to have he told me quite frankly are supposed to come from the Governor and the Governor is not painting the same picture to him or the Vice President,” she said. 

That was the same tune Whitsett stuck to Saturday morning when she spoke with FOX and Friends. 

"I believe this is the Governor. She has decided that she is going to slap me on the wrist by silencing me. It’s a shame that she’s doing this. It’s politics at its best,” Whitsett said. 

On Saturday, FOX reported a group called “The 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization” will consider Censuring Whitsett. The organization released this statement:

"Today, the 13th Congressional District voted unanimously to censure State Representative Karen Whitsett for actions and statements made during and prior to the COVID-19 crisis. Representative Karen Whitsett has chosen to drive a wedge between herself and the Democratic Party with the use of incendiary words to attack fellow Democratic leadership in Michigan, while publicly supporting the Operation Gridlock protest. She continues to refuse to meet electronically with local precinct delegates and party members. Maybe she would be better served, if she considered the suggestion made by President Trump to join the Republican Party."

“I guess this is teaching me to be in my place, but it’s not going to stop me,” Whitsett said. "The only person that is being irresponsible is Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and I will continue to point the finger at her as long as black people in the city of Detroit are dying and it's not just black people."

The 13th Congressional District Democratic Party says it’s all about politics.