Sterling Heights Chihuahua group rescues dogs from Texas

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Ten Chihuahuas are stretching their legs after a five-day journey north. The animals were pulled from hoarders or overcrowded shelters in Texas and brought to metro Detroit. 

"Michigan always wants Chihuahuas we just don't always have the dogs that people are looking for," said Melissa Dodge, who's with Chihuahua Rescue and Transport.

So when she, along with her Sterling Heights-based Chihuahua rescue group, was contacted two weeks ago, they sprang into action. 

"Hopefully we can provide some awareness of what is going on in Texas and there is a similar problem in California," said Dodge.

The problem is these dogs are very accessible down south. 

"In Texas, you can go buy a Chihuahua on a corner. Here it's not like that," she said.

And owners don't always have the best intentions. 

"People see them as accessories as toys, they are so cute, (people say) 'I want to fit one in a purse,'" she said. "But they are animals, they need exercise, attention, they go to the bathroom, and people don't realize that so they get dumped."

There are 87 dogs in all from Texas rescues and shelters and distributed to the Midwest. Ten of which are here and will be fostered in Michigan. 

Amazingly within 48 hours, those 87 fostered spots were filled. 

"That's kind of incredible that that number of dogs were replaced so quickly, Dodge said,

Meaning rescue missions like this, will likely be needed again. 

"If we can find out about how many puppies. we will do an X-ray and I can count them for you," Dodge said.

In the meantime, some of these dogs are eligible for fostering and adoption. 

"It takes big hearts to save these little lives," she said.

Adoption fees range from $250 to $300. You can find an application at