Sterling Heights PD cracks down on drivers speeding by stopped school buses

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There have been bus safety campaigns since the 1980s and people blowing by buses in their car isn't a new issue - it still happens.

The ticket for not stopping at a school bus is a $210 fine and three points on your driving record.

It's easy to avoid - just remember treat the flashing red lights and stop sign as a regular traffic light. 

FOX 2 teamed up with Sterling Heights Police Wednesday to see just how bad it is. 

"I tend to get three or four (traffic stops) each day," said Officer Andre Basin.

The sting was born out of Basin's own initiative after seeing kids' hurt and even killed in bus crossing crashes around the country. He started analyzing the routes for Utica Community Schools.

"Essentially I made a Microsoft spreadsheet and I have them all numbered, I have the times and I have the locations," Basin said. "These are the hottest spots we have right now." 

FOX 2 followed Bus No. 211 from Stevenson High School Wednesday afternoon. Basin was on the bus and two officers were on standby in their squad cars. 

"We had five different bus stops and we stopped three different people," Basin said.

All three drivers they pulled over had the same excuse. 

"He said he wasn't paying attention," said Officer Dustin Leak after stopping a car. "That makes sense (as to) why he didn't stop for the bus, because he wasn't paying attention."

Despite the bus stop sign deployed and the red lights flashing, one driver did not even pause.

"The state law requires you to stop 20 feet from the school bus," Basin said.

Basin will keep fighting this fight. In the meantime, he's asking parents tell your kids over and over, to be extra cautious at the bus stop.  

"It's not a Sterling Heights problem, it's not a Macomb County problem," Basin said. "It's across the board."