Sterling Heights student charged with terrorism threatened to 'make Columbine look like a joke'

An 18-year-old Sterling Heights student was charged for threatening terrorism.

Authorities say Brendan Boucher told a fellow student he was going to shoot him in the head and said he was, "going to make Columbine look like a joke."

"I think it is crazy comparing it to Columbine," said former student Paul Issa.

"It makes the whole school unsafe for everybody," another student said.

Boucher also allegedly said he was going to take an assault rifle out of his backpack. He didn't have one, but police say he did have a knife with a four-inch blade.

"We take all of these seriously. They're all treated the same way. We treat everything as seriously as we possibly can," said Brent Bott, director of security for Warren consolidated schools.

Bott says a lot of these incidents involve cooperation with students, who report these types of incidents.

His bond was set at $50,000, and Boucher was ordered to wear a GPS tether and have zero contact with students.

Boucher did request a court-appointed attorney and is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 24.