Sterling Heights vandals cause $17,000 in property damage

Police are searching for a group vandalizing several homes in the Sterling Heights, throwing rocks, eggs and even firecrackers at homes in the area.

Larry Vandamme was thankful for his porch surveillance camera, when he heard his dog barking and his alarm going off at his home on Drumright on Sunday morning.

"It was just shocking to see the video the next morning," he said.

Vandamme called police and took a closer look at the video from early that morning.

Just before 3 a.m., you can see a car parked across the street in the quiet neighborhood, as one man runs up to Vandamme's home.

"As he exits or leaves the area, another individual throws some fireworks on to the front porch," he said.

Also finding raw eggs splattered all over his porch, Vandamme was thankful his home didn't catch fire.

"I can't believe these young guys. And I understand they did it in a bunch of other places as well," he said.

Police say about 25 homes and cars total were targeted within a few hours and miles from each other.

"The individuals would run up, grab a landscaping brick or rock ... throw that object into a window or a door and in some of those incidents it caused damage," said Lt. David Sarvello of Sterling Heights police.

According to police, the vandals caused about $17,000 dollars in damage.

Police received more calls that morning from victims on Schoennher, Clinton River Road, Dodge Park and others.

Officials say when one neighbor looked outside, she says she saw a tall, skinny man wearing shorts running to a car and jumping into the passenger seat and laughing before they took off.

Witnesses say the car appeared to be a dark-colored Jeep Liberty or Compass and one of the vandals is an 18- to 22-year-old man wearing dark clothing.

"I know he's not going to, but turn yourself in. You've caused damage to people's property, you've wasted their time," Sarvello said.