Stranger anonymously pays Howell family's lost water bill

A random act of kindness is touching the hearts of a Howell family this holiday season. 

Somewhere between the mailboxes and Jessica Stowers' home, she lost track of her water bill. The next time she'd see it, though, it would be paid in full by a complete stranger. 

"'We want to pay the enclosed bill for our neighbors, Daniel and Jessica,'" she read to us from the anonymous letter. They were kind words and an even kinder gesture. 

"Literally I started crying. It was really overwhelming honestly," she said. 

Earlier this month with baby Kyler in tow, Jessica was shuffling through mail at the mailbox. But one bill, a water bill, got lost somehow. The wind must have taken it who knows how far into the yard of someone with a big heart.

"It would have gone overdue. I would have never realized it with the piles of bills we get anyway," she said.

She got a letter from Howell Township. It was a copy of her water bill and a letter written to the Township informing them they covered the $55 charge anonymously.

"People don't want their own bills, much less yours," Jessica said. Jessica says what they did, though, set in motion a ripple effect. 

"You're an inspiration. Like, truly, if more people did what they do you would hear more good than the bad," she said. 

In their letter insight into why this stranger decided to pay the bill was a message of unity during a time of division. 

"'We are a country built on the melting pot theory and we are so blessed to have the rich variety of people that make up our great country,'" Jessica read from the letter.

To whomever did this, the Stowers say thank you. 

"It's nice not knowing who it is because, in a way, I'm going to treat everybody out there as if they are the person that did it."