Street artist's new mural on display at Eastern Market

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It is just one of many recently completed murals at Eastern Market; the surrounding blocks now feature several new eye-catching works of art. We focus on one created by a hometown artist.

An artist who goes by the name of Fel3000ft has completed his mural in the market, as in eastern market, dubbing it "Heartstrings".

"The ideal of it is that she is pulling the heartstrings of the city, trying to get us all to raise up in our pride about who we are and where we are from, to really take to heart home," says Fel.

Fel still has to paint inspirational text, a message, for this to be truly complete but in a way a mural that moves people to thought never really is done, it is forever open to interpretation and conversation. The owners of motor city produce now have this as the front of their business.

"They love it; they are super excited about it. These pieces create destination spots, so now people stop and take pictures of it which brings awareness to the small businesses," says Fel.

Heartstrings is Fel’s contribution to murals in the market, a multi-block project that added a significant boost of color to the already vibrant market. All it took was eight long days.

"A few of those days I worked from eight a.m. to eight a.m. the next day for twenty-four hours," says Fel.

Check it out for yourself, right on Russell Street across from shed three at Eastern Market.