Stroh's throws it back to 1987 with classic design, beer on draft in Detroit

(Photo: Stroh's)

Detroiters can soon once again get Stroh's Beer on draft. 

The 4.5% ABV Classic lager hasn't been available on draft in Detroit for more than two decades, though beer drinkers have been able to get it in cans and bottles.

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Stroh's will also don its logo from 1987.

"We are returning Stroh’s back to the 1987 packaging with some minor updates to bring the packaging to life, and we could not be more excited about it," said Adam Powers, Associate Marketing Manager for Stroh’s beer. "Detroit has so much love for this beer and most locals say ‘Strohs is spoken here.’ In celebration of over 240 years of rich brewing history we return Stroh’s for the first time to draft. Cheers to the years ahead so crack open a Stroh’s beer and celebrate with friends and family."

Stroh's started in Detroit in 1850. While Classic is no longer brewed in Detroit – it is made in Milwaukee – several varieties are made in the city. Bohemian-Style Pilsner and Detroit Lager are both only available in Michigan.

(Photo: Stroh's)

Twelve-ounce cans and bottles of the Classic brew will be available in its new packaging in Detroit and Midwest. Half bbl kegs will also be available.

In addition to the beer, Shroh's partnered with Detroit artist Shingo Brown to release a limited edition T-shirt