Stuck inside over coronavirus quarantine? Soon, you can order cannabis to your door

Restaurants and bars have to close their dine-in options, but grocery stores and pharmacies can stay open. So where does that leave Michigan cannabis retailers as more state-mandated restrictions over coronavirus go into effect?

Per Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's executive order on Tuesday, all licensed dispensaries that sell either medicinal pot, recreational pot, or both, will have curbside pickup as an available option to them.

"I believe that'd be a better service because number one you're not coming into contact with a lot of people and handling door handles," said Marcin Metkowski, who uses medicinal marijuana.

And at least one pot shop owner agrees. Jerry Millen, owner of Greenhouse says offering both curbside and delivery services will key to their business as well as their customers.

"I think it's awesome that the governor is allowing us to do curbside pickup and delivery from marijuana companies and I think delivery is great but you have to do it the right way," he said.

However, before dispensaries start delivering pot to prospective customers, Millen says they'll need to implement some best practices first.

"We just don't want a bunch of cars running around streets trying to deliver cannabis all over the place. You have to track the driver, you have to make sure that people are of age, you  have to check their ID, they have to carry money - so you have to be set up for that," said Millen

The owner says it will be a few weeks before his staff will be delivering cannabis products, but curbside or parking lot services will be available this week.

"I'm hoping by Friday at the latest to have curbside pickup implemented because I want to do it right," said Millen.

Despite the decline in foot traffic and subsequent restaurant closures in the state, Millen said business has been good during the outbreak.

"We're seeing quite a few patients, quite a few rec people. A lot of people are stocking up because if they have to self-quarantine or some people don't want to go out, instead of buying a gram or an eighth, some people are buying a full ounce," said Millen.